Script and video game scenario work. Some very old, some new.


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  1. THE CIRCLE OF THE DEEP (GAME, 2019) - In pre-production, shh! 👀
  2. CHANNEL 4'S MASHED - "Doctor Who Dating Simulator" (WEB VIDEO, 2014) - One of the appointed writers ended up getting me involved as a script editor cutting down six pages of jokes into one two-minute cartoon - I contributed several jokes that made it into the final product, as well. This was honestly an absolute blast to work on.
  3. ADMINISTRATION (GAME, 2011) - A first person adventure game scenario set in a closing-down megastore, featuring three terrible people in their early 20s with no external validation and less supervision. An attempt to turn the generic 'you' adventure-game voice into that of a person with depression, as well as reflect the material changes that were going on in the early part of the 2010s. There's a lot about this I'm ashamed of now, and obviously some of the references have dated badly, but I enjoyed how the ability to drill into interesting words allowed me to create little vignettes about items and character memories. SAMPLE